Being completely transparent about where materials and pieces come from and what they cost our firm is a part of our continual effort to have clients enjoy the process in working with AWDS. 


Any receipts of purchases made by the design firm on behalf of a client are provided during the process.


We are proud of the relationships we have made in the business and pass the benefits of those relationships onto our clients.


The design process is very individualized and exclusive to each relationship. We feel strongly that designing something as personal as your home should be fun and comfortable. Therefore, we do our best to make the process as enjoyable as possible by tailoring aspects of the process with each client.



What is the scope?

Is this project decoration of an existing structure?

Are you looking for help with an extensive remodel or starting with brand new construction?

Client’s may also be looking for help on a smaller project like style updates or holiday and party redesign prep.

We take on all types of projects and scopes of work. AWDS can do all the work at once or separate the design and/or construction into phases as the client’s schedule and budget allows.


Clients pull together images that appeal to them. One can use things like Pinterest boards, Houzz folders, or even a binder of magazine pages.
This step helps clients learn about themselves as well as the AWDS team about their preferences. Often we pick up on things clients don't verbalize about their taste, but that help paint a picture of their personality and preferences. 

At AWDS we approach every project looking to learn about our clients and then create, with their personality and style in mind, the best version of their space.



 It is not uncommon for clients to come to us unsure of what the process and cost of furnishing an entire home, or even a few rooms may be.
We have furnished countless homes and can help you determine a realistic budget for the scope of work.




Depending on the project this step either starts with furniture plans for an existing space or by drawing millwork and new construction details.

We believe that our role in design starts in the space planning phase. We love to be involved in new construction from the architect’s exploration in layouts. This way the layouts can be considered before they have poured a foundation for proper space for furniture, adequate closet space, general function, and alignment.

Once finalized we take those architect's floor plans and draw and create in detail trim work like base boards and crown, cabinetry, paneling, built in motorized shades, custom ceiling details, kitchen layouts, door details, tile layouts, and specialty lighting. Allie has years of experience with construction and AWDS can be a helpful guide to navigating the process of selections, timelines, and budgets for their clients.




Once the construction details are set (if there are any,) and the floor plans are approved several phases of selections are presented for the spaces.

This is generally broken down into case goods and frame approval, materials approval, and decorative approval.
This allows AWDS to methodically build a look for each space starting from the key pieces up. As stages progress the presentations include materials and finishes for all items. We strive to present materials in ways to help our clients visualize the final space coming together.




The final step is to order all the approved pieces & begin installation. The order process is rather quick once everything is approved. Our office handles tracking and arranging for delivery of these items as well as installation in the final space.